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Mail: P.O Box 7797- Moshi, Tanzania
Opp. Moshi Immigration Office
Cell: +255 713 499171
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        +255 787 194091
Phone/Fax: +255 27 2753886
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Web Design and Hosting

Website Designing Services

Once we nail down the basics, we’ll put the plan and design together to create the website. We start by Proposing the company logo, Home page and style. When the home page is approved, we’ll move forward with the content pages outlined in the planning phase.We will ensure a consistent look and feel across all platforms, from printed materials to the website itself

Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization SEO is the most important thing for your website. When your website is ready and available for visitors on the internet. There is no way customers they will come to know that your website is live and they can visit there. You need to reach out to them and the best way of doing it is by putting your information on the search engines and optimizing your website for search engines so that your website gets good ranking on the search engines when someone looks for a product or service that your company is providing.

Ecommerce Website and Shopping Cart Features

Ecommerce offers great administrative functionality and countless selling features which help you drive sales online

Domain Name Registration

We register .com .net .org .info .se .ag .at .be .biz .ch .co.uk .org.uk .in .info .name .travel  .tv .tw .us and many more international Top Level Domains for you

Website Hosting

After design or ready to take your data into your own hands and run your own blog, own your own photos, and host your own apps, it's time to find a good web host that can put it all on the web for you, give you the tools, bandwidth, and storage you need, and support you when you need help.


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For your Inquire/quote or more information

Physical Address; Boma Road, Opposite Kilimanjaro Regional Immigration Office

Mail Address:
 P.O Box 7797- Moshi, Tanzania

Cellphone:  +255 713 499171
                  +255 767 499171
                  +255 787 194090

Phone/Fax: +255 27 2753886 
Email:      info@kilicom.net
Website: www.kilicom.net

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